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Match Your Data Needs

Starter All In Package $60.00

10 Mbps with All In Voice


Starter Plus Package $60.00

15 Mbps Data Only No Voice


Deluxe All In Package $70.00

30 Mbps With All In Voice


Premium All In Package $80.00

60 Mbps with All In Voice


$20.00 Discount if you bundle with Video


Video Package without Data

$40.00 Basic with All In Voice

$75.00 Expanded Basic with All In Voice

$95.00 Digital Basic with All In Voice


All In Voice Package

Residential Only

$30.00 Includes Unlimited Long Distance & These Enhanced Calling Features

Caller ID

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Speed Dialing

Selective Call Rejection

3 Way Calling

Distinctive Ring (Fax Line)

Busy Call Forward

Sim Ring

Add Voice Mail for $3.50 per Month




Prices Effective 5-15-15

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