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Defend Your Privacy

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Defend Your Privacy – As we enter a new year, now is the perfect time to give attention to your electronic devices and protect them as needed. We currently face online threats every day. There is no fool-proof way to protect yourself from cyber security attacks. Privacy on the internet is one of the most important aspects of protecting yourself in the world today. Medical records, credit card information, passwords, hackers will take whatever they can find, but here are some guidelines to help:

Don’t use the same password for more than one website.

Since memorizing unique passwords are challenging for anyone who has more than just a few logins, use a password management to do the work of filling out forms for you. The best password management tools, such as LastPass, run on smartphones, tablets, and regular desktop PCs and laptops.

If you are notified that a website or company has been compromised, change that site’s password and any password recovery questions.

In addition to changing passwords, sites like https://haveibeenpwned.com and Google Chrome’s Password Checkup extension are both tools you can use to see if an email or password exists in any databases of stolen information.

Recognize the difference between secure and unsecured sites.

Website addresses that contain HTTP are not as secure as HTTPS websites. HTTPS websites include an encryption layer that allows for the secure transfer of information.

Accept security updates!

These updates may come at the most inopportune moment but accepting these current updates may give you the peace of mind you need while using your devices. These updates include patches in the security software of the device, as companies try to stay ahead of any “bugs” that hackers are constantly looking for and exploiting.

Remember – cyber-attacks can happen whenever, wherever and to whomever. Protect your privacy online.