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Notice of Services Impact – Windomnet Cable TV

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Notice of Services Impact – Windomnet Cable TV

We have experienced signal loss from the Galaxy 15 satellite, which is affecting the following Networks:

Tennis Channel, Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks / Stadium College Sports, Fox Networks Group – Big Ten, Fox Business, Fox News Channel, and EWTN.

A space weather event damaged the Galaxy 15 satellite. Due to loss of control of the Galaxy 15 satellite, Intelsat has enacted it’s In Orbit Protection Plan for all Galaxy 15 services. Networks are now dual illuminated on Galaxy 23 and will need to be Emergency Migrated.

Windomnet currently does not have Galaxy 23 satellite link, technicians are working to realign a dish to G23 and get a lock on the satellite. Networks are encouraging each affiliate to transition services as soon as possible, as they expect increasing signal degradation in the coming days.

We will update as we move through the Emergency Migration.