Windomnet Video Customer Notice: Local Minneapolis TV channels update.

We continue to work with and push our internet transport company Zayo to resolve our transport issue by redesign or improvement to our connection to Minneapolis. It has been escalated to the highest level with Zayo.  Windomnet staff and management have spent many hours during the day, night and weekends working on this issue with Zayo. Zayo is working on a short-term two-pronged approach 1) alternate route to bypass the problematic route 2) improvement to the current route. Long-term will be replacement of transport equipment. During this morning’s conference call, Zayo stated that they have two locations to complete for the bypass route and continue look into improvements for current route. Our Network Operations Technician, Consultant Network Engineer and Zayo personnel are discussing improvement options on current route.

Windomnet Staff have made changes to multiple TV channel feeds to allow for alternate signal reception to lessen the channels that are impacted. We have another conference call with Zayo at 12:30PM today for a status update.  We will update as we know more.