Windomnet Video Customer Update

Windomnet Video Customer Notice: Local Minneapolis TV channels update.
After Zayo (our internet transport company) completed testing and analysis, they concluded there are issues with the circuit between Minneapolis and Windom. To resolve the issues, Zayo is going to redesign the Ethernet service link and provide a new route. The redesign will eliminate the congestion issue as well as bypass a network switch that they believe is also introducing periodic performance issues during high volume bursty internet traffic scenarios (Prime-time) which is affecting our video service feed.
We’re awaiting a firm timeline from Zayo for the completion of redesigned link along with completion date for the new path which will be scheduled for hot cut.
During the interim before the new link is in place, we have setup three of the affected channels with alternate signal feeds from our local tower. These alternate signal feeds are susceptible to signal loss from weather conditions.
Simulcast channels:
Ch. Affiliate   Network Simulcast Ch.
4    WCCO      CBS             23
5    KMSP       ABC            24
11   KARE       NBC           25