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2019 Medallion Clue #5

Hit the deck with balls flying by. In the shadow of a MILLION is where I lie!

Windomnet Medallion has been found!

The Medallion has been found! Congratulations to Jared Morphew and Gina Hauge of Windom! They will receive 6 months of Windomnet’s 1 Gigabit speed internet with WiFi for free! The medallion was found in tall grass by a light pole at the Windom Rec Area. Thank you to all that participated in the search and…
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2019 Medallion Hunt Clue #4

The lake is too cold so I don’t want to swim. Where I am lying could use a little trim!

2019 Medallion Hunt Clue #3

Mayflower is too buggy and the water is high. So Schmaltz said stay away from here and Island with a sigh!

2019 Medallion Hunt Clue #2

The BOOM of dynamite last year made me frown. So this year I am staying away from that part of town!

2019 Medallion Hunt Clue #1

The Medallion is hid somewhere in the city! Hope you can find me or it will be a pity!

Windomnet Medallion Hunt Rules

Windomnet Medallion Hunt Contest Details and Rules: Beginning Monday, June 3rd, 2019 Windomnet Medallion Hunt clues will be released daily at 9:00 AM through June 7th, 2019 unless the medallion is found prior to that date. Clues will be posted on Windomnet website https://wwww.windomnet.com, Windomnet Facebook page and Windom City Hall. Catch the daily clues…
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Notice: Windomnet Internet Services Impacted

We are experiencing an issue after the power outage with our internet services. Technicians are working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Restored-Windomnet Phone Services

As of 4:15 AM March 21, 2019 Windomnet phone services were fully restored.