P.O. Box 38 Windom, MN 56101

Windomnet email server has been upgraded.

We have upgraded our email server to resolve the TLS 1.2 issue with web browsers.and are monitoring the system for performance. With this upgrade, the email web login page has a new look as well as the user account page.

Planned upgrade to resolve browser issues with Windomnet email server.

Dear Windomnet Customer, Regarding: Windomnet web email login TLS issues – Warning page received “Your connection is not fully secure” when going to the Windomnet email login page mail.windomnet.com on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and other web browsers. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and other browsers have increased their security requirements to TLS 1.2. Our email server…
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Defend Your Privacy

Defend Your Privacy – As we enter a new year, now is the perfect time to give attention to your electronic devices and protect them as needed. We currently face online threats every day. There is no fool-proof way to protect yourself from cyber security attacks. Privacy on the internet is one of the most…
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