P.O. Box 38 Windom, MN 56101

Windomnet Maintenance Notification

This serves as official notification that Windomnet will be performing maintenance on its network as described below. This maintenance may affect services you have with us. Attention: This is an Emergency event. We apologize for the short notice of this. However, Windomnet must proceed with the following maintenance activity in order to maintain the integrity…
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Sun Outage Notice

Twice each year, in the spring and fall, the sun is positioned directly in line with Windomnet’s satellite dishes that are used to receive Cable TV programming. This positioning causes programming interruptions as the sun’s energy overpowers some of the signals transmitted by the satellites. How does this affect you? If you have Windomnet’s Cable TV services,…
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Notice to Windom residents, business owners, and snow removal contractors:

Please use caution when moving snow near Windomnet Fiber Optic Pedestals that are located in alleys and street right of ways. Do not pile snow on or near Fiber Optic Pedestals. Take care to not hit or cause damage to Fiber Optic Pedestals. If they are damaged, Windomnet services could be affected and the repair…
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Windomnet Notice:

Windomnet office will be CLOSED Monday, February 18th, 2019 in observance of Presidents Day. Stay Warm!

Windomnet Customer Upate

Video Services have been restored. During the overnight, Zayo and Windomnet turned up a new 10Gb WAVE internet connection to bypass the problematic 10Gb internet connection. New internet connection was stable until it dropped late in the morning today. Windomnet staff/management and Zayo staff/management were called in to troubleshoot the outage and was restored. Root…
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Windomnet Email changes

Windomnet is updating our email system configuration on June 4.  Customers will need to update their email clients with the new settings prior to June 4, 2018. Click here  to view the new client email settings