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Update: Windomnet Cable TV channel outage

Update: Windomnet Cable TV channel outage KSTC Channel 30 and it’s sub-channels MeTV, ThisTV & AntennaTV are still off of the air. KSTC stated Thursday, April 22nd “We are still planning on installation of a KSTC backup antenna this afternoon/evening (Thursday) or tomorrow morning (Friday)….” Unfortunately, it is out of our control and we hope…
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Notice: Windomnet Cable TV Channel Outage

Affected Windomnet Channels: BASIC/EXP BASIC CHANNEL 15 KSTC DIGITAL CHANNELS 86 KSTC, 84 ME TV, 87 ANTENNA TV, 128 ThisTV Reason for outage from KSTC TV Station: Just after 9am today (Wednesday April 22nd) channel 30, KSTC and its sub channels of MeTV, ThisTV & AntennaTV will go off the air as tower crews rig…
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Update: Windomnet Network Event

Update: Our transport fiber optic provider Zayo had fiber optic maintenance scheduled in Chaska, MN for a highway project. We were not given notice of the maintenance action. Estimated Time of Restoration is 5:00 am.

Defend Your Privacy

Defend Your Privacy – As we enter a new year, now is the perfect time to give attention to your electronic devices and protect them as needed. We currently face online threats every day. There is no fool-proof way to protect yourself from cyber security attacks. Privacy on the internet is one of the most…
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