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Connecting Our Community

Voicemail Instructions
Initial Setup
Before using your new voicemail box, you will need to perform an initial setup.

1) Dial your phone number and press *

2) Enter your password (last 4 digits of your phone number)

3) As prompted change your password.

4) Press 4 for Personal Options menu and follow the prompts to change your greeting.

Check Voicemail Via Telephone

  • Dial your phone number and press * or you can call 832-8123 and follow the prompts to enter your phone number and password.
  • Follow the voice prompts to play your messages or change settings.
  • During message playback you can press the following numbers to navigate your messages


1) Play Message
2) Skip & Play Next Message
4) Rewind 5 seconds
5) FastFoward 5 seconds
7) Delete & Play next message
8) Play message Date & Time
*) Exit


Check Voicemail Via Internet

To check your voicemail via the internet or setup email notifications you can logon to the voicemail system by going to voicemail.windomnet.com and entering your 10 digit phone number and password.   Once logged in you will see the options to Play or Delete messages as well as detailed information about the message including Phone Number, Date/Time, Message Length and if it’s a new message.

Email Notifications
After logging into the voicemail website, click on the Settings tab.  You can change your email settings to notify you of a new message or have the message be emailed to you.