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Notice: Windomnet Cable TV – Pioneer PBS channels off air.

Notice: Windomnet Cable TV – Pioneer PBS channels out of service. Windomnet was informed that the Pioneer PBS KSMN channels, from the Worthington, MN translator tower, are off air due to damaged cables on the tower. Damage was caused by the falling ice from the winter storm ice buildup that occurred last December. Pioneer PBS…
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Windomnet office closed for the holiday

Windomnet customers – Our offices will be closed December 23rd and 26th in observance of the holidays.

Pioneer PBS KSMN channels

All Pioneer PBS KSMN channels are currently off due to ice buildup on the translator tower in Worthington. PBS engineer has turned down the system to 50% broadcast power to avoid damage to their equipment. Once the ice is off the tower, they will return the broadcast power to normal. Channels out:14 PBS20 PBS20.1-5 PBS90-93…
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Cable TV: Sun Outage Notice 2022

Sun Outage Notice 2022 Twice each year, in the spring and fall, the sun is positioned directly in line with Windomnet’s satellite dishes that are used to receive Cable TV programming. This positioning causes programming interruptions as the sun’s energy overpowers some of the signals transmitted by the satellites. How does this affect you? If you have…
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