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Connecting Our Community

Restored-Windomnet Phone Services

As of 4:15 AM March 21, 2019 Windomnet phone services were fully restored.

Update- Windomnet Phone Services Outage.

After many hours testing and calls with Inteliquent (voice service provider) and Zayo (Transport provider) we were able to assisted in troubleshooting and found a failed voice network element that was outside of our network. Zayo has dispatched a technician to Windom to repair/replace the defective voice network element. We hope that phone services will…
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Windomnet Phone Service Outage

Windomnet is experiencing an outage of our telephone services. Incoming and outgoing long distance/local calls are affected. 911 services are affected. If you need to contact emergency services use mobile phone to call 911 or if you have Windomnet phone service call the Law Enforcement Center at 507- 831-1375. Windomnet Technicians are working with voice…
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